Dragon Ball FighterZ (Playstation)

Sunday, October 3 | 4pm PT
- Free entry | $100+ prize pool
- Playstation event

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Playstation players, we're back Sunday, October 3rd! Another FREE online Dragon Ball FighterZ Playstation tournament with $100+ in prizes to the top 3 finishers! While all of the details are here, sign up on our page here.

This event is limited to players in the western region of North America. Matcherino contributions are accepted for this event, contribute to the prize pool here. All contributions are added on top of the $100 prize pool.

- Sunday, October 3: 4pm PT
- Playstation only
- West Coast / Western North America only
- Sign-ups close 3pm PT day of the event (1 hour before start)

- Double Elimination Bracket
- Matches Best of 3 Games (FT2)
- Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals: Best of 5 (FT3)
- Loser may switch character(s) between games; Winner is locked
- Handicaps/Timers set to Default
- LAN Connection Required
- Cell Games Arena Default Map Choice

- $100+ Prize Pool (plus Matcherino contributions)
- 1st Place - 60% - $60+
- 2nd Place - 30% - $30+
- 3rd Place - 10% - $10+
- Prizes distributed electronically within 24 hours of event end

- Matcherino contributions are accepted for this event. All contributions are added on top of the $100 prize pool.

- Players will be manually seeded to best of Tournament Staff's knowledge and ability. 
- Seeds to be made public at earliest convenience prior to tournament.

- Discord STRONGLY encouraged for communication with event directors during the event. Join our Discord here
- Matches will be streamed LIVE on our Twitch channel at

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